Four Seasons Seattle staycation day 4: Joe Montana, Santa Claus, the Original Starbucks, a PEZ rummage sale, Christmas ships

The Original Starbucks

Lucky Duck visits the very first Starbucks.

We finally had a chance to get that hot chocolate we were wanting – and where better than the Original Starbucks at Pike’s Market? Be aware though that you will wait about 7 times as long as you normally would to get a beverage. See all those red Christmas cups up on the coffee machine? Yep, they’re all in the queue.

But this wasn’t our first beverage of the day; we grabbed coffee in the lobby again. We were having so much fun at The Four Seasons that we decided to stay an extra night, so I got to wake up in the corner room again. And we’re really glad we did it.

Joe Montana was in the lobby

After we checked out, we decided to take one last seat in the lobby to get coffee, play Boggle, and read the New York Times. So, here is a photo that I grabbed of Mike, from the vantage point of the coffee pot.

Four Seasons lobby

As I was getting coffee, I saw a couple come in the lobby carrying a ton of packages. The woman was wearing beautiful boots and an amazing jacket. It looked like Prada and Moncler, respectively. They were a very attractive couple, and at 11:00 a.m., clearly power shoppers. I assumed that they were European businessmen, got my coffee, and grabbed the iPad.

Mike, very excitedly, said, “It’s Joe Montana!” The UW Huskies were playing today at CenturyLink Field. Joe’s son is a redshirt freshman, and he was starting his first game as quarterback today. Mike said, “Good luck today, Joe!” And Joe said, “Well, I’m not playing, but thanks!”

The timing of everything today was spot on

Pike's Market Spot. On. Obviously, we couldn’t go home now. Pike’s Market sounded good, so we went up there for hot chocolates and Piroshky for lunch. We ate in the courtyard in the back of the market, and I noticed a small rummage sale happening. As I glanced over, I saw something that I’ve always dreamed of – huge containers of PEZ dispensers, all marked at $1.00!!!

You may remember that I’ve been collecting PEZ since 1995, and I have thousands of them. In the last 16 years, I have never seen anything like this. And I was pretty darn excited, and Mike started filming my frenzy…

Lucky Duck gets his picture with Santa

Yep, it gets better. As we made our way back out into the main drag, look who we saw!

Lucky Duck gets his picture with Santa

When I looked up, I saw the piggy reindeer Santa flew in to Seattle on.

Piggy reindeer at Pike's Market

Mike and I also had a photo taken of us with Santa Claus, by Marcus Anderson.

Photo of Mike and me with Santa, by Marcus Anderson

Mike and I bought a bunch of beautiful carrots and fruits so that we could make juice when we got home.

Carrots at Pike's Market Fruit at Pike's Market

We walk right in to the Christmas ships

Seriously, today’s timing was magical, and we couldn’t miss. Mike and I were in the car talking about how we have to look into when the Christmas ships will be on Lake Union. Five minutes later, we were keying into our apartment, and guess what we saw right out the window? THE LEAD CHRISTMAS SHIP making its way past our balcony, with at least a dozen Christmas ships behind it. We went right out on the balcony to enjoy the show.

Christmas ships on Lake Union Christmas ships on Lake Union

Displaying my new PEZ

Adding about 10 new PEZ dispensers to my collection was a pretty cool way to end the day (arrows pointing to my new PEZ)….

My PEZ display (partial collection)

… but then it got even better. Mike bought me this love bear PEZ at the grocery store.

Love PEZ

I have a lot to be thankful for this year, and this was my favorite Thanksgiving.

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